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835 Hero Logo
American Gunslinger
Angles, Science of Violence
Be Strong
Bible and Coffee
Blessed are the peacemakers
Blessed are the peacemakers (Hooded Sweater)
Blessed are the peacemakers (TANK TOP)
Blessed be The Lord
Blessed be the Lord (Hoodie)
Blessed be the Lord (Tank Top)
Blessed be the Lord (Thin Blue Line)
Body Snatcher
Can't Retreat
Can't Retreat (Tank Top)
Dangerous Kitty
Death takes no bribes
Evil is powerless
Give Me Coffee or Give Me Death
Graveyard Grappler
Gun Helmet
Gun Helmet (HOODIE)
Gun Helmet (TANK TOP)
Hook N Book Boxing Club
Hunting armed men
I did not come to bring peace
I Kneel (Hoodie)
I Kneel (Shirt)
I Stand
I Stand (Hoodie)
I was Born for this
I was Born for this (Hooded Sweater)
I was Born for this (Tank Top)
If God Be For You
In God we Trust
In God we Trust (HOODIE)
In God we Trust (Tank Top)
In this Family
In this family (Hooded Sweater)
In This Family (Tank Top)
In This Family (Tank Top-Front Print)
In this Family (variation)
International Flags
Into The Pit
Isaiah 6:8 / Send Me
It Matters Not
Kibun -DVD No Gi Jiu-jitsu & Wrestling Techniques
La Sirena
Lock Em' Up Jiu Jitsu
Mermaid Grappler
Never Out of The Fight (HOODIE)
On the hunt
On the hunt (Tank Top)
Pressure Breaks Wills
Protect the pack
Si Vis Pacem
Smoke Wagon Steakhouse
Sometimes There's Justice/ Sometimes There's Just Us
Spartan Helmet (TANK TOP)
State Flags
The One
The Strong do what they can
Thin Line
Thin Line (HOODIE)
Thin Line (Men's Tank Top)
Train with a purpose
Train with a purpose (Tank Top)
Violence is still an option
Warrior's Creed
Warrior's Seal
Weapons Change Warriors Don't
What we do in life (Operator)
What we do in life (Roman)
Where there is preparation
While They Sleep
While They Sleep (HOODIE)
While They Sleep Tank Top
Why Train?
Why Train? (Hoodie)
Wolves at the door
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