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The begining of 835 apparel

Posted by Administrator on 6/9/2016
Early Sunday morning, January, 2012, at 0030 hours, I was assigned to swing shift, uniformed patrol in a marked police unit, which was equipped with an ALPR camera system (License Plate Reader). I found that if I stop in a two way turn lane, I could pick off cars. The city I work in has a constant flow of traffic at all hours.

I had just completed a warrant arrest from an ALPR hit, and was a couple of hours from completing my shift. I figured I'll go out one more time, and if I don't get a hit within the first couple of minutes, I was going to get some coffee. Less than five minutes into posting up in the two way turn late, about ten cars bunched together pass me up. The computer screen lights up and that familiar voice states "HIGH ALERT." I look at the screen to confirm it's not a misread on the plate. All numbers match, and it's off to the races to find this car.

Once I caught up to the group of cars, the plate just stood out. There were about five cars in the group at this point. Of course, someone is transmitting some non-sense over the radio, so I start to input the plate number into the unit's computer. This stolen car accelerates, suddenly goes from the eastbound number two lane, to the westbound number one lane, driving in the wrong direction, towards oncoming traffic. I left the plate half entered in the computer system and turned on the lights and sirens.
The car turns into a restaurant parking lot, with me right behind it. Car circles the lot, goes back out onto the main street, goes westbound, then turns northbound on the first small street. At this point, the radio traffic is done and I can transmit what I have, plus I'm out of the city and following this car in our neighboring city. I turn onto the small street, and this car has about a block lead on me and is pulling away from me.
I still have a visual on the car, and I'm just relaying it to dispatch at this point. What this guy didn't know, was that the intersection he was coming up to wasn't a "+" intersection, it was offset. So I saw his car spin out as he tried to navigate through. By the time he straightened out, I was back on him. His stolen Toyota gave out on him. Smoke's coming out from the hood and it's making a loud cracking sound.
I position myself behind the car, relay the info of the stop to dispatch. Driver door comes flying open, driver runs towards an alley. The foot chase is on. He had a decent lead, but not far enough to where I thought I couldn't catch him.

He ran through the alley, through an apartment complex, back out onto a small street and through another alley. I'm running, and relaying the information to dispatch. As we're going through the apartment complex, dispatch said "33. Update your status." I thought, "What the fuck. I should be transmitting." No worries, I'll put out what I have now. I press the mic again, and while I'm talking, dispatch again said, "33. Update your status." At this point, I could have disengaged because the radio wasn't working and help wasn't coming to me. But I couldn't so I left the radio alone and thought, "Let's see how this plays out."

As were running down this alley, I can here dispatch say, "33's last 20 was at ....... street. We're notifying LASO AERO for a bird and contacting surrounding agencies." Then sarge gets on the radio and said, "Let's meet up at his last know location and do a grid search from there." Now in the next alley, we're still running westbound, and I hear the sirens coming eastbound off the main street. The sirens come close, pass me, and quickly fade away because everyone is going to my last known location, which is in the opposite direction.

Now the guy decides to cut through a strip mall and jumps a cinder block wall. I'm on his ass and jump right after him. He's halfway thought the parking lot, and stumbles. Falls face first. I catch up and he is trying to stand up. The fight is on and this guy doesn't want to go to jail.
In the process, I shattered my right knuckle. It didn't hurt, but my right hand, arm, and shoulder felt different and I knew something was wrong. Long story short, I handcuffed the guy and walked him out towards the main street. I felt like a hitch hiker because I was going to flag down the next unit that I saw.

Then I heard, "Bro. Are you alright?" I looked towards the dark alley and saw a silhouette of a Police Officer. It ended up being an Officer from the next city over. The Officer put out our location, and the cavalry arrived.
Now I have a guy going to jail, and a swollen right hand. The Lieutenant sent me to the City doctor. That night, the doctor said, "You're going to be out for a while." It didn't register, I figured I'll be back on patrol in about two weeks. Little did I know, but I was put on light duty for six months.

I was assigned to our Records Department and was pissed off. My desk was next to a window, where I could hear the Police Units leaving the station, and it would frustrate me even more because I was stuck inside.

While shredding papers, I came across 835 and it's definition. It was a small print, but it just stood out. I read it and thought, "Fuck yeah! That's badass right there!" So, I continued with my shredding duty, but 835 just stuck in head. The next day, while stuck in the Records Department, 835 would not get out of my head.
Six moths later, I'm out the penalty box and back on patrol. First day out, and we have Force Option Simulator class. During the power point presentation, A massive 835 is up on the screen and we're going over the definition. To say that pumped me up is an understatement. I was fucking motivated and ready to go out on patrol. Class is over and I'm walking in the back lot to the police car. Then BAM! It hit me. Put an 835 across the front of a shirt.

I've never been involved in business or had the desire to start a business. I was grappling, lifting, and had my hands full with my family. It was good times and didn't want anything to change, but this 835 thing just wouldn't leave my mind and so began the process of trying to figure out how to start a business.


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 The begining of 835 apparel

 June 2016