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About Us

835 is a lifestyle and mindset that was developed by the first civilized societies and has carried through several warrior cultures, throughout history.  From the ancient times of Sparta, and Rome, to current societies, warriors are trained with this simple concept in mind. 
"Shall not retreat nor desist from resistance or threatened resistance.  Destroy any and all aggressors" -835 Warrior's Creed
A group of warriors, ready to defend and commit violence, on behalf of its peaceful people.
CEO / Creative Director: Carlos Garcia - Can't play well with others and keeps breaking his knuckles!
President: Rocio Garcia - Takes care of CEO, kids and household, when he breaks his knuckles.  Supermommy!
COO: Saul Rodriguez - Without his help, 835 would still be a concept in my head.  Thanks Rod, much love and respect. Helps keep 835 running like a well oiled machine.
Kibun Instructor David Welp:
Kibun was developed by David Welp, a world-renowned martial arts expert.  He has been active in the martial arts community for almost 30 years, teaching and fighting professionally in a number of styles including Tae Kwon Do, Kuk Sool Won (a joint manipulation style of fighting), Jiu-Jitsu, and Mauy Thai Kick Boxing. Mr. Welp has competed professionally in Muay Thai Kick Boxing throughout the United States for 16 years, has trained with top Jiu-Jitsu fighters out of Huntington Beach.
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